Who is Orisol?

ORISOL, which originated from advanced Israeli military defense technology, is a world leader in manufacturing equipment that solves all of your footwear automation needs.

In partnership with the world’s leading processor provider, ORISOL proudly offers the industry’s most interoperable, compatible, and scalable total solution for intelligent, efficient manufacturing.

ORISOL has onsite sales support and maintenance offices around the world to ensure they are located next to your offices and production sites

Founded in 1987 in Israel.

  • In 1990, Orisol unveiled the first computerized stitching machine.

  • With more than 1,000 clients, over 10,000 machines in on-site operation for entire shoemaking process.

  • Orisol has 7 subsidiaries, with a global distribution network in over 20 countries for one-stop solutions.


Our Mission

ORISOL provides total comprehensive solutions for complete footwear manufacturing automation(machinery & software)

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Targeting Aspects

  • Upper Stitching Machinery

  • Upper UHF (Ultrasonic Welding) & HF (High frequency) Machinery

  • Stock Fitting and Assembly Cementing Automation

  • Full package of software services, including sewing software NSCAD, IoT, OEE

  • Dedicated consulting services

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Our Vision

Enabling scalability, compatibility & digitalization to meet today as well as tomorrow’s requirement for intelligent manufacturing