Who is Orisol?

Orisol is dedicated to the entire shoemaking process: robotics automation, computerized stitching machines, assembly solutions & shoe materials.

Orisol is a total comprehensive provider of complete footwear automation integration solutions feature scalability, compatibility, and digitization to meet the requirements of smart manufacturing.

  • Founded in 1987 in Israel.

  • In 1990, Orisol unveiled the first computerized stitching machine.

  • With more than 1,000 clients, over 10,000 machines in on-site operation for entire shoemaking process.

  • Orisol has 7 subsidiaries, with a global distribution network in over 20 countries for one-stop solutions.


Founded in 1987, Orisol , originated from Israel advanced military defence technology and partnership with World’s leading chipset provider, proudly offers comprehensive footwear automation solution that is Industry’s most inter-operable, compatible, and scalable for smart manufacturing to achieve implementing greater efficiency as well as effectiveness. Orisol is the leading automatic equipment manufacturer with total solution for footwear industry including automatic computerized stitching machines , automatic Turn Tongue System , automatic / modularized robotic cementing systems for footwear industry.

ORISOL has global presence, with its head office in Taiwan, subsidiaries in the Brazil, Vietnam, China, Indonesia and the USA – collaborating with the global distributor networks to server more than 10,000 machines on shoe factories.


Our Mission

ORISOL is the total comprehensive solution provider introduce the complete integrations in footwear automation.


Targeting Aspects

  • Shoe upper stitching machinery

  • Sole assembly automation

  • Full package of sewing software

  • Dedicated local consultation

Our Vision


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