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ONS Series: New Computerized Stitching Machines

Orisol has introduced its new stitching solution, the ONS series of industrial-grade automatic stitching machines. The ONS series includes 4 models: ONS-1510 (sewing area: 15x10cm), ONS-3020 (sewing area: 30x20cm), ONS-3525 (sewing area: 35x25cm), and ONS-5035 (sewing area: 50x35cm). The series is supported by an Intel Core i5 processor hosted computer and 10.1” HMI for outstanding performance and friendly operation interface for automatic shoe upper stitching.

■ New Computerized Stitching Machines ■ NSCAD Software

■ 10.1" Intuitive HMI Operation Interface ■ Intel Core CPU Powerful Performance ■ Smart Manufacturing


Automatic Turn Tongue System

■ Reduces need for highly professional work force

■ Improves final product quality and reliability

■ Ready to integrate with other manufacturing steps to create complete automatic production

■ Ergonomic friendly process reduces operator short-term and long-term injury


Automatic Robotic Cementing System

Orisol's new, fast-build customized assembly sole line offers the footwear industry an automated system to primer and cement soles in an automated and continuous high rate output. The system comprises built-in modules with options for different line formats. The ARCS is the right solution for eliminating traditional line limitations, reducing labor, cement use, providing better cement thickness and consistency, high cycle time consistency and better operator health protection.

  • High Productivity Throughput sole spray system (180+P/H)

  • Modular & Customizable line configuration

  • Save Manpower

  • Wide-Range Chemicals Applicable

  • IoT Capabilities (optional)

  • Compact & Modularized Workstation Design


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