New Advanced Stitching Machines

Sewing area(cm): 15 x 10 / 30 x 20 / 35 x 25 / 50 x 35, 2,800 SPM motor, auto tension control, programmable presser foot, bobbin changer to ensure performance & high productivity.


Classic Stitching Machines

Classic Stitching Machines- Sewing area(cm): 15 x 10 / 25 x 20 / 30 x 20 / 35 x 25 / 50 x 35. 2,500 SPM motor


HF Series


High Frequency & Trimming Machine

  • Welding, embossing and cutting with two automatic sliding/frontal tables

  • Production of synthetic footwear uppers in PU, PVC, and TPU

  • Touch screen HMI for setting up all parameters

  • Digital diagnosis for maintenance and troubleshooting

T Series:


Automatic Tongue Turn System

  • No need for professional training with this automatic system, greatly reducing manpower needed

  • Improved product quality and reliability

  • Ready to integrate with manufacturing steps to fully automate production

  • Ergonomic process to prevent long-term injury to operator

Ultrasonic Welding Machine

  • Increase PPH by ~30 - 50%*

  • Enhance position accuracy compared to manual work, especially with more complex tasks

  • Expand machine functions by easily switching between computerized stitching and ultrasonic welding functions

  • Cost effective investment — upgrade kits instead of machine replacement


Orimill LX

Computerized milling machine for sewing clamps, high performance CNC milling system 53x35cm, Linux OS



Hole Cutting, Embossing, Die Cutting & Marking Machine for a Wide Range of Materials