• Quality Assurance

Orisol provides craftsmanship, problem free systems, and ensures the quality of its production machinery and spare parts line through highly trained Engineers and technicians and through State-of-the-art computer-controlled equipment.
Each manufactured machine undergoes exacting work and factory tests, under normal conditions and extreme environmental condition, to ensure it meets Orisol quality requirements. A machine with these standards ensures many years of
valuable, productive service to shoemakers worldwide.

  • Warranty terms

Orisol warrants problems free systems. The warranty period is of 12 months from installation date, or 4 months after shipment arrival to customer designated port (ETA date).  The warranty includes electronics, provided that the customer connects the machine to power via ups or stabilizer. This warranty coverage does not include movable and wear and tear mechanical components.

  • Warranty Coverage Exclusions

Any repair or maintenance of parts which is required due to causes of damage not attributable to normal wear and tear, including, without limitation, any System malfunction or damage due to the elements, accident, casualty. Catastrophe or the like, improper or unauthorized use or modification of the System, or tampering with or attempts to repair, modify or alter the System, modifications or connection of accessories or addition, specification changes, unsuitable environmental conditions, unsuitable power supply or Customer’s failure to follow routine maintenance instructions, will not be included in the Support Services and will be provided to customer, to the extent available, at Service Provider’s or Orisol’s prevailing rates for travel, per diem, labor and parts, depending on the party providing the service.

  • Third Party Components

Orisol Systems are partially comprised of third party's components. Changes made in the third-party's components or the cessation of their production or maintenance may require modifications in the Orisol System. Customer shall be entitled to purchase these modifications at preferred rates. The Service Provider shall implement the change and /or addition of the products.

  • Force Majeure

Orisol shall not be held liable for any breach of service caused by force majeure. Force majeure includes, but is not limited to, changes in state legislation, governmental acts, strikes, wars, floods, explosions, storms, circumstances of  major or uncontrollable magnitude. 

  • Hardware Services

Some new features may require a change and/or addition in Hardware in the customer’s configuration. Customer shall be entitled to purchase an upgrade at preferred rates. The Service Provider shall implement the change and/or addition of the products. .